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Top Programming Languages:Python at top and COBOL rises

Python has repeated its legacy by maintaining its top place on IEEE spectrum list of top programming languages but with a surprise COBOL marked its rise due to the pandemic

´╗┐The list mostly features the same order from top rankings like GitHub, Tiobe and similar. IEEE Spectrum offers several ways of looking at rankings, but its default ranking is weighted toward the interests of the average IEEE member. But an interesting move by making Arduino, a range of microcontrollers as a programming language and upgraded it from 11th place from last year to 7th this year.

The Top 10 List goes like this

  1. Python
  2. Java
  3. C
  4. C++
  5. JavaScript
  6. R
  7. Arduino
  8. Go
  9. Swift
  10. MatLab

The full list from IEEE Spectrum

Redmonk list of programming languages

1 JavaScript
2 Python
3 Java
5 C++
5 C#
7 Ruby
9 TypeScript
10 C
11 Swift
11 Objective-C
13 R
14 Scala
15 Go
15 Shell
17 PowerShell
18 Perl
19 Kotlin
20 Rust