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Tech World celebrating India’s 74th Independence Day

Indians today(15/08/2020) celebrated its 74th Independence Day. Every year this day would be celebrated from school children to national leaders normal people to celebrities with great joy and collaboration but  due to the CoronaVirus pandemic there were very little groups of celebrations. Yet due to increased in digital living for past few months few tech companies provided some special ways to share our celebrations.

Google asked users to sing Indian national anthem

Between August 1st to 10th in a one of a kind AI powered musical experiment, Prasar Bharati, Virtual Bharat and Google invited users from across India to sing the national anthem at https://soundsofIndia.withgoogle.com. Google said The result was a unique re-creation of the national anthem.This IndependenceDay, Google has AI magically transform your voice into a musical instrument.

Twitter added special #tags

Twitter along with the Ministry of Defence to made India’s 74th Independence Day by releasing a new specially designed emoji to honour the Indian Armed Forces, showing the National War Memorial. The emoji can be used while typing in English, Hindi, Tamil, Urdu, Kannada, Punjabi, Marathi, Malayalam, Bengali, Telugu, Gujarati and Oriya, with the use of special hashtags. These hashtags include, #IndiaIndependenceDay, #SaluteTheSoldier, #IDay2020, #NationalWarMemorial and ‘Independence Day’ in all the languages mentioned.

PUBG Mobile made an special in-game event

PUBG Mobile is celebrating India’s 74th Independence Day by currently running a special in-game event, called ‘Incredible India’. The event will continue until August 24, during which the players will be able to view various popular monuments while playing the game. The event requires players to complete daily missions to collect PUBG Mobile Flips, which can then be used to play a memory game on the homepage and get to see amazing pictures of popular monuments in India. PUBG Mobile has also created a number of amazing wallpapers of the India’s most iconic monuments like Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Gateway of India and more, which can be found on Instagram highlights of PUBG Mobile India’s official Instagram account.