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Google Play Music is finally shutdown September

Google today announced  major updated regarding Play Music to Youtube Music

“Starting in September 2020 in New Zealand and South Africa and in October for all other global markets users will no longer be able to stream from or use the Google Play Music app. But don’t worry, Google will be holding onto things like your playlists, uploads, purchases, likes and more until December 2020 to make your transfer to YouTube Music easier.”

“Users who wish to transfer their music libraries from Google Play Music to YouTube Music, can do so through December 2020, after which their Google Play Music libraries will no longer be available.” stated on Youtube Blog

Starting in late August, users will no longer be able to purchase and pre-order music or upload and download music from Google Play Music through Music Manager.

Users will have a choice to transfer their music, contents via the transfer tool or using google takeout service.

“For Google Play listeners that have not yet started the transfer process over to YouTube Music, now’s the time. Listeners can also choose to delete their Google Play Music data, and we will clearly notify all users before they lose access to their Google Play Music library and data.”