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Edison Mail launched privacy focused emailing service OnMail public beta

Edison Software, the company which created the #1 independent email app, Edison Mail has launched the public beta of their new emailing service OnMail based on privacy, convinence and anti-tracking technology.OnMail is second major new email service to launch in 2020 with an eye towards fixing modern email woes, following the release of Hey, from the makers of Basecamp earlier this year. Unlike Hey, though, OnMail offers a completely free tier.

Features of OnMail are:

  • Accept Sender-Edison empowers you to accept or block email senders before they enter your mailbox
  • Free Custom domain-for paid plans
  • Anti-tracking tecnology-keeps you safe from targeting marketers
  • Large Attachments – start with up to 100MB file size limit for attachments and scale up to as much as 5GB
  • Split inbox – allows you to split mails giving more customizability
  • Search – search emails with enhanced with natural language recognition
  • AI-Based Assistant – Automatically categorize important details like Travel, Package Tracking, and Bills & Receipts. Price Tracking, Smart Replies, and Anti-Spam functionality
  • Email Storage – Never worry about running out of room, plans start with up to 10GB of free storage and scale up to 1TB

“Every aspect of email that our Edison team has worked on for the past decade has led us to the creation of OnMail. We’ve worked tirelessly toward our mission of bringing happiness back to using email, and this is an email service that reflects that effort,Email has scaled beyond its original design, and OnMail is made to be what email should look and feel like in today’s world.” said Mikael Berner, CEO at Edison Software.

OnMail is offering four different plans. There’s a free Personal plan, which offers an @onmail.com username and includes 10GB of storage and 100MB attachments. Access to the free plan will be distributed on a rolling basis to customers who signed up back when OnMail first was announced back in April, while the paid plans will be open immediately to anyone interesting in subscribing.

Additionally, OnMail is limiting access to highly-coveted @onmail.com usernames with fewer than eight characters to its Professional and Business plans.OnMail is a starter as a service for now, it’ll be primarily available through a browser webapp, although the Edison Mail apps on iOS, Android, and Mac will be able to access the accounts too. But more full-featured support for OnMail within those apps won’t arrive until later this year, and dedicated OnMail apps aren’t arriving until next year.