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Don’t be a prey to Attacks, Indian Government releases Digital Safety guidelines to Officials

Indian Ministry of Home Affairs releases Digital Security guidelines to Government Officials:

Cyber Threats has increased at a massive rate during the Covid-19 pandemic at global scale. Attackers, Exploiters and Cyber criminals are looking as well as exploiting every vulnerability they can use to make financial gain or destroying reputation of the company.

The Pandemic forced most of the workers and businesses to go virtual which resulted in massive demand for remote tools which also resulted in many technology flaws and vulnerabilities.To mitigate these security threats Department of Cyber and Information Security, Government of India released a few security practices for the employees to protect Data, Privacy and Security of India and Indians.

The Important Guidelines are

  • Any important information should be handled and processed on a computer with less to no Internet connection
  • Officials should be maintain strong, complex passwords which contain numerals and symbols.
  • All the officials should always make sure that all their computers, laptops and network devices are up to date with all security and software updates. It is advised to make sure auto-update enabled in your devices.
  • Backup the data regularly and also make sure that backup data is also secure.
  • Any type of data related to Government should not be placed remote nor private cloud storage doing so will be a punishable offence.
  • Passwords are one of the important target for cyber criminals. So it is advised to to change passwords regularly and do not use remember password feature.
  • It is suggested for Officials to use emails provided by the government.Do not send any important information using emails.
  • Practise of accessing social media through devices provided by the Government should be avoided