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Technical Abbreviations

Technology  has lot of names РA huge Terminology. So most of those names have been shortened into acronyms

here are some

Acronym Abbrevation
CPU central processing unit
MAC media access control
SIM subscriber identity module
HTML hypertext markup language
XHTML extensible hypertext markup language
CSS cascading style sheets
JS javascript
XML extensible markup language
JSON javascript object notation
OOPS object oriented programming structures
BIOS basic input and output system
PHP hypertext preprocesser
SQL structured query language
DBMS database management system
RDBMS relational database management system
TCP/IP transmission control protocol/internet protocol
HTTP hypertext transmission protocol
HTTPS hypertext transmission protocol(SSL)
SSL secure sockets layer
WWW world wide web
DNS domain naming system
HDMI high definition multimedia interface
VGA video graphic array
USB universal serial bus
PDF pre documented format
OTG/OTA on the go/over the air
Wi-Fi wireless fidelity
DHCP dynamic host configuration protocol
RAM/ROM random access memory/read only memory
CD compact disc
GIF graphic interchange format
DVD digital versatile disc
LAN/WAN local area network/wide area network
ISP internet service provider
SIRI speech interpretation and recognition interface
ASCII american standard code for information interchange
DoS/DDoS denial of service/distributed denial of service
XSS cross site scripting
SQLi SOL injection
MFA multi factor authentication
WAF/WAP web application firewall/web application protection
OS operating system
OSS/FOSS open source software/free and open source software
CDN content delivery network
CMS content management system
OWASP open web application security project
MITM man in the middle attack
OSINT open source intelligence
PCIDSS payment card industry data security standard
URL uniform resource locator
FTP file transfer protocol
SMTP simple mail transfer protocol
SEO/SMO search engine optimization/social media optimization
CLI/GUI command line interface/graphic user interface
IoT internet of things
SDE software defined everything
NoSQL not only SQL
API application programming interface
ARP address resolution protocol
DES data encryption standard
IMAP internet messaging access protocol
SMS/MMS short messaging service/multimedia messaging service
IPS Intrusion Prevention System
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network
POP3 post office protocol version 3
SSH secure shell
SSID service set identifier
VPN virtual private network
WEP/WPA wired equivalent privacy/Wi-Fi protected access
IDE integrated development environment
TLS transport layer security
AWS/GCP amazon web service/google cloud platform
SERP search engine results page
UI/UX user interface/user experience
SSI/SSE server side includes/server side encryption
YAHOO yet another hierarchical officious oracle
VIRUS vital information resources under siege
IMEI international mobile equipment identity
GSM global system for mobile communication
EDGE enhanced data rates for global evolution
WCDMA wide-band code division for multiple access
VoLTE Voice over long term evolution
IVRS interactive voice response system

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