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Search Engines – what do they search

Internet has transformed our way of communication , expression , sharing , and most of all access to information. But how do we access the information which we require at different instances.

This is where search engines comes into play.

Search engines are the algorithms (or) programs which can access the information which lies around thousands of servers and data stores.

Few search engines are



3.Yahoo search



These are few most famous search engines(not in an particular order). Let us spend few lines about few types of search engines

1.Crawler based search engines

All crawler based search engines are the search algorithms to find webpages of a website if the site owner has gave permission for the crawlers.These type of search engines crawl , index , calculating relavency and retrive the results. Search Engines like Google ,Bing, Yahoo, Duckduckgo are examples for crawler based search programs.

2.Directory based search engines

Directory based search engines are the search programs who look into all the possible directories.These search engines are typically know to be an advanced human search bots. Google uses this type of programs as secondary proccess in its search algorithm

3.Hybrid search engines

Hybrid search engines are simply the combination of both crawler search engines and directory based search engines.

And there are also few other types of search engines like meta search engines , user defined specific information gathers.

But most of the search engines list only webpages , websites , owner allowed posts and articles but, Can search engines search devices and people ? Yes , there are search programs which are specialized in finding people and devices .

Shodan – The Hacker’ Search engine

Shodan , known to be the Hacker’s search engine is a search algorithm which has ability to search IoT(internet of things) and other devices like refrigirators , smart televisions , buildings and webcams and many more which are connected over to the internet. Shodan can help hackers reconnaissance devices and web servers and may help them to exploit which can cause a considerable damage to the victim. Shodan official website : https://www.shodan.io/

Pipl – people search engine

Pipl is a search algorithm to find people through their email addresses, social profiles , and all available sources. Though its is a paid platform Pipl has been best in what it does i.e. find the person we want. Hackers often use Pipl if their target is an individual person (or) they need to get information about any individual for performing Social engineering Pipl official website : https://pipl.com/

So we have seen the power of search engines to access and provide the required information from the vast source of information.

So , this this here where the article end!

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