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Many of us often hear “I encrypyed my password” I encrypted my file” and many more but why do we encrypt and what should we generally encrypt?

Encryption is process of converting a data into a format which is hard to read.Encryption of data makes it secure.Encryption can be done using automated tools like


b)HTTPS everywhere


d)disc crypto


Encryption process requries algorithms which are unique in nature called ciphers

Some of the ciphers are

1)Ceaser Cipher

2)ROT13 Cipher

3)monoalpha substitution


From the above link you can refer some other ciphers

Now where do we use encryption!

1)storing confidential data

For storing data like passwords and personal information and important files.Generally passwords are the very important for authentication.Passwords in many places are stored in encrypted format whether they are password for company users,authentication codes for devices like mobile phone,tablet or pc.

2)In financial institutions

It is a mandatory things for our financial data to be secure.Financial instutions like banks store data in an strongly encrypted format for its safe guarding even if a malicious party finds out your data it is more likely to be safe.

3)In website request

For many days http protocol has served request bewteen browser and server but as days passed by it fail to secure the connection b/w browser and server.HTTP protocol had became victim for man in the middle attack(MMIT),XSS cross site scripting,and sql injection and ocassionally brute force attack too.In order to make the conversation b/w browser and server secure HTTPS protocal was introduced which adds SSL(secure sockets layer) certificate to the HTTP request.Even search engines started to notify the users that the website uses HTTPS request or not.

Now let us think  in your mind that “I encode my data , necessary files, passwords and other essential files’ Am I secure (or) impenetrable?

The answer fairly tends to “NO”. why?

This is because  encoding of data can’t completely make you secure. Ciphering gives you an extra layer of security. Hackers may still get to access your data and confidential information but may not able to read (or) use the information as it is in ciphered format

But in many cases hackers use some decryption tools to retrieve data from the encoded format. If you think still hacker can get credentials from ciphered data, then why should I Encode it?

It should be because encrypted data can exactly retrieved by professional and skilled hackers but it can protect you from newbies in hacking, script kiddies  and from other wo are not serious about what they are doing.

Wrapping up:

In this article you have learnt where and why do we use the technique of Encryption. Encoding and ciphering data always ensure and assure you some level of digital safety and some what of privacy too. Encryption has become the basic part of security ranging from an individual too big corporations and large organizations.

If you want to know and learn about Data Encryption , you can use few of below links


You can also refer wikipedia page


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