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Create a Website(without coding)-An detailed overview about Domain and Hosting

create a website(without coding)-An detailed overview

As technology is growing we are slowly entering into Digital Age, An era of 0’s and 1’s. I this digital world everyone want to have better digital presence like in social media, blogs, online portfolios, business and e-commerce stores and many more. Having a website is the post preferable option.

As you can see iwee can be built in two ways buying your own domain and hosting. You can get free hosting from many providers. The issue with free websites is that they may not easily found in google nor they provide more features.

Free hosting:

As I said above free hosting is not a good option but if you want to give a try before buying here are few options


Wix is free platform where you can give a try with building a site. they will offer you a subdomain (yoursite.wix.com) and they also have an unique website builder. You have to first create an account with them an then you will be allowed to build a site.


Weebly is also the same platform where you will get a free way to setup your website. Their free plan gives domain like yoursite.weebly.com. They earn by placing ads on your site so you can’t use adsense.


WordPress an path-breaking CMS(Content Management System) which powers more than 30% of websites and blogs around the vast knowledge of internet. It was basically a developed as blogging platform but emerged to be more than that. They too offer a free plan with a .wordpress.com  domain extension. Its also worth trying

As there is not many features with above you can just create a website with many limits because nothing comes free

Paid Hosting

This part you to do two primary steps

a)registering domain

b)buying hosting

Registering Domain:

first of all    What is domain?

Domains are like home addresses in internet. Domains are which makes website. These domains have extensions like .com, .net, .org, .in and so on. They are divided into categories like top level domain(TLD) and country-code top level domain(ccTLD).

You can check complete list of domain extensions from this wiki page

You can register your domain name from register like




domains.com and many more

Buying Hosting:

hosting is the part of serving your files and directories from a server to the browser when you type the domain name in browser search. Hosting is of few types like majorly

1.Shared hosting-sharing the server resources for many websites

2.Cloud hosting-serving the website with cloud services

3.Dedicated server-dedicating a complete server for a website

choose your hosting provider from providers like





Siteground and many more

you can refer the below link to get an overview about the quality of hosting providers


After buying domain and registering the domain connect your domain to hosting server by updating your domain name servers with nameservers provided by your hosting provider.

If you wish to host self coded site place your website files in public html folder using FTP client

If you don’t know how to code use Softaculous apps installer in your hosting panel which with you can add CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc… Softaculous has categorized apps which you can install with a click.

Add SSL certificate from providers like Comodo  and let Encrypt They also offer free SSL for limited period of time

Now you have successfully created a website

You can also monetize your site by using AdSense

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