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Best practices Digital Privacy and Online Safety, including Darknet

Digital Privacy & Online Safety

Communication is the one of necessary factor for human development. In this modern world we use digital means for communicating like wireless calling and social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, and many other resources. We are using binary numbers 0’s and 1’s. But are we secure? , are we following best privacy practices? , are the company services we use are well maintained by those companies? [may (or) may not be]. Today I am going to share you some of few practices for Digital Privacy and Online Safety.

What is Digital Privacy?

Privacy is the word describing a condition of being free from being observed. Digital privacy is the state of inattention in the digital world and the internet.

Then what does it mean by online safety?

Online safety are few precautions that we take in the digital world to keep us safe rather than being private.

Now what’s the difference b/w Privacy and being Safe?

Many of people think that privacy and safety in this digital presence are same but its a myth.Lets think of situation that you are around some friends in a locked room, you sre safe inside but not private. But what comes first? As fare as my concern safety come before confidentiality because we might share some confidential information for few services but we make sure they are safe with our service provider.

Now lets know about some methods which makes us insecure in digital world!


Phishingis the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by disguising oneself as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.(from wikipedia) For example let us think that you like cars and you got a link(malicious link) in an digital medium(like WhatsApp) from an unknown person(attacker/hacker) stating that that is a facebook page related to cars.You click on it and its like any other facebook page and you want to like the page on facebook then obviously you have to login to Facebook. You login with your credentials. This goes on two ways either you will get nothing after you login or you will like the page and close it.In either of cases you will lose lose your credentials to hacker if it is an malicious link. How can we identify those links? Normally in case of malicious links mostly they mostly redirect to an IP address rather than an domain name.This difference you can find it in browser search bar and you can’t also get an SSL certificate(this is not necessary but mostly cases).

Phishing can be done through


2)Whatsapp, Messenger, Facebook

3)Shopping and e-commerce

and many other trust-worthy sites too

2.Social Engineering

Social engineering is an Psychology Hacking attack mainly focusing on human belif rather than completely concentrating on technical aspect. In simple terms Social Engineering is a process where the attacker gains the belief of an victim.There is a popular tool for social engineering called SET(social engineering toolkit). This tool has all the major methods and techniques for an attacker to use SE on victim.

How can we get secure for this attack?

First we have to understand social engineering is an psychological attack rather than a technical attack.So keeping awareness on this subject will help us to face this attack for most of the time

3.Malicious Code Execution

Even I used an new terminology the malicious codes I am talking about computer virus, spyware, torjan horses, malware, ramsonware and etc…

How can we be secured from those malicious programs?

Using real time antivirus programs and malware blockers and other security and anti tracking programs cam be used to prevent those attacks

Now what about our confidentiality?

Privacy is as necessary as our safety in this online world.Now-a-days many tech companies like Facebook, Google are neglecting users data and privacy. Due to their negligence hackers and attackers and other party people are easily accessing those data and are trying to sell it in the darknet or misuse the data for their own benefits.

How can we be private in this online world?

1.The first solution of privacy of user is using VPN services which is mostly preffered by experts.But this solution is fast but is some what expensive.

2.The second solution is using the Tor Network . This is the slowest but almost free network.

Internet and Darknet what’s is the difference?

Internet is place where you all know and access everyday.We share images,videos , and documents over the internet and do other tons of things.Internet has become an daily part of our life.


But many of us were not aware of The hidden Internet #darknet where you know about the actual internet.

Internet(www) was created by tim berners lee as an decentralized network for the united states armed forces and was opened to the rest of the world but most of the part is still kept hidden from the public which we refer as deepweb and darknet.

We can access darknet only from a special network called the Tor (or) Onion network which is also an decentralized network created by U.S Naval forces and there after was funded by donations and developed by an independent community.

you can refer tor history from


you can download tor browser for pc and install it that’s all


download and install TOR for android you can refer the article

Darknet Overview


We have learnt about Internet and Darknet but there is a an intermediate web called Deepweb where Access to few people. Deepweb is place where government data is stored,some agencies and organizations store and access their own and user data.

Precautions which should be taken while surfing Darknet:

1) Use VPN service while surfing Darknet
2)Hide your webcam while access the darknet as some cybercriminals access your devices over the hidden internet
3)think twice before going into any link

Some of the darknet links are


You can get the latest darknet links from the above referral link. Many of them may not work all time because they are hosted using own server software which won’t guarantee most of the up time.

Now lets talk for a moment about darknet websites. Darknet websites have a special TLD(top level domain)called .onion so they are also called onion links. these websites as also called to be onion services.

you can refer the configuration of onion services


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