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Are “123456 and qwerty” really be passwords?

Are “123456 and qwerty” really be passwords?

According to UK’s National Cyber Security Centre(NCSC) “123456” and “qwerty” are the most used passwords from a list 1 million passwords published by NCSC along with Troyhunt in HaveIBeenPwned

According to research almost 23.2 million hacked accounts used “123456” as their password,7.7 million breached accounts use “123456789” as their password,3.8 million accounts use “qwerty” as their password and lastly 3.2 million hacked accounts use “password” as their password.

You can look into Github repo like Seclists to find out abuot some common used passwords and data breaches.

You can also look at vulpw, which find outs vulnerability of your passwords by looking over some past data breached and common used password lists.