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Anonymous Targets Tiktok and Microsoft Edge becomes Nasty

Hacktivist group Anonymous urges to delete Tiktok

Tiktok trouble is increasing day by day, After being banned in India which already got huge losses for the company,  then an allegation that beta version of Appleā€™s iOS 14 found that app secretly accessing users clipboards and huge backlash the ByteDance-owned platform has gone into radar of Hacktivist Group Anonymous who stated the app as chinese spying operation

Microsoft Edge browser becomes Nasty

Microsoft Edge browser has got an new upgrade which got many new features, security updated and even a new icon too. But the Chromium based browser has been showing some nasty behaviour like taking too much RAM, pinning itself to taskbar in Windows 10, making itself as default browser and an Reddit user also states that the Edge browser is also importing data from other browsers. Microsoft is also doing extensive and aggressive marketing for installing the new Edge browser for Windows.

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