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Amazon AWS creates BottleRocket a Rust language-oriented Linux for containers

After 30 years of entirely built ove C, Linux now gets and Rust support for containers. Earlier this year, Linus Torvalds approved of adding drivers and other components in Rust to Linux. At the virtual Linux Plumbers Conference, developers gave serious thought to using the Rust language for new Linux inline code.

Now Amazon Web Services has announced that its just released Bottlerocket Linux for containers is largely written in Rust.Bottlerocket also improved its security by using Device-mapper’s verity target. This is a Linux kernel feature that provides integrity checking to help prevent attackers from overwriting core system software or other rootkit type attacks. It also includes the extended Berkeley Packet Filter, eBPF is used for safe and efficient kernel function monitoring in linux. AWS says Bottlerocket instances are as secure as possible they run with Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) in enforcing mode.

Bottlerocket is an open-source project. GitHub hosts all its design documents, code, build tools, tests, and documentation. Besides its standard open-source elements, such as the Linux kernel and containerd container runtime, Bottlerocket’s own code is licensed under your choice of either the Apache 2.0 or the MIT license. If you modify Bottlerocket, you may use “Bottlerocket Remix” to refer to your builds in accordance with the policy guidelines.For AWS users, being built by the company, that it’s an easy-to-use, secure container Linux for their favorite public cloud. As someone’s who used Linux for decades.